Hey there! I'm Deb Young, the Co-founder of Stretch & Glow, The Online Yoga Studio and Younga Yoga Studio.

I'm a pocket rocket, biz chic, and studio owner passionate about health, family, fun & life balance.

Over the past decade I've dedicated my life to yoga, health & better life balance.

In 2006 I co-founded Wollongong's first dedicated yoga studio - a community of more than 400 yogis that practice with us each and every week.

It wasn't long before our students were requesting prenatal yoga classes and despite having NO CLUE about motherhood, parenting or birth at the time I must've done something right as they soon became extremely popular.

I soon became known as the prenatal yoga chic who tells it like it is with an occasional f-bomb, but at the same time will help you feel safe and supported in your pregnancy & birth choices.

Since then I've popped out my own two little munchkins (well - they didn't just 'pop out' - but that's a story for another day).

In 2010 I studied at the Australian Doula College to learn more about other women's experiences in birth and how best to support them.  I've supported women as a Doula lots of different settings - from homebirth to hospital, natural through to planned cesarean. 

I get that for some women, pregnancy is a total pain in the arse and can't be done with quick enough... if you're reading this between two vomits -  I feel for you!

And for other women it feels like the most natural and wonderful thing ever... enjoy babe.

I'm here to support you NO MATTER WHAT.

I also get that you might be a first time mum, busy with work & life and that it can be super hard to get to a prenatal yoga class in your area. Or alternatively - you've already got kids and struggle to make it to a class in between daycare, work, and all the other running around that happens when you're a mum.

I've created Stretch & Glow -  to help you chill out & find regular time for YOU in the comfort of your own home.

It's perfect for those days when you haven't made it out of your pjs, or have to sneak in a quick practice while your other kids are having a nap. It's also great for busy working mums as you can take it with you wherever you go - at home, in the office, or away.



In a past life I completed a Degree in Health & Physical Education. Studying university level Anatomy with human cadavers, as a vegetarian was kinda gross - but if it makes you feel better I scored 96 for first year physiology. 

My two kids & hubby are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me, but I'm also pretty nerdy about business and and all things yoga - so for me - yoga is the sweet spot that gives me space in my busy brain & body to love life more fully, I want to share that with you too.

My fav drink is Gin & Tonic (yeah sorry to break it to you - but I'm not a puritan). 

I hate doing laundry. Luckily my hubby believes in the mantra "Happy wife - happy life"

I have more than 20 years experience as a health educator, 10 years experience as business owner, I'm inspired everyday to commit to helping busy mums find a greater sense of life balance, passion, health & wellbeing. 

I've trained with many of yoga's most inspiring teachers including US Based Amy Ippoliti from YogaGlo - and this year will be working with Amy in Australia as guest faculty for the prenatal yoga teacher training component.


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 7 days to a better birth

Our 7 day prenatal yoga program will help you stretch out pregnancy aches & pains & make time to prepare for baby. Led by prenatal yoga expert Deb Young & loved by more than 2,000 women worldwide.