the ultimate sequence to relieve neck & shoulder tension


Do you carry tension in your neck, shoulders & upper body?

I remember when I had my first baby and was shocked at how time-consuming breast feeding was - and that all of a sudden my upper back felt so tense and tight from the extra hours of carrying my gorgeous little package around.

I had gone from being very active to sitting around most of the day taking care of my little one and this left me feeling really irritable.

If you think about all the actions that  your body does as a mum - carrying your baby, breast-feeding, burping, holding, rocking - it's all done with your arms in front of you. 

If you are co-sleeping - or feed your baby laying down - often your shoulders and arms end up at weird angles (if you have  cat-napper or baby that doesn't sleep very well you know what I'm talking about).

Did you know that new mums will spend up to 8 hours a day breastfeeding - thats a new full time job all on its own - using your arms before you've done anything else.

As opposing muscle groups try to switch on to compensate for your new postural patterns - or just from the sheer emotional stress of suddenly being responsible for a new baby full time - you may find that your neck, shoulders and upper back feel unusually tight or fatigued.

So this is a sequence that I have prepared especially for new mums - but it is also fabulous for anyone who is prone to upper body tension - especially those with a desk job.

Do you like this sequence or know someone that would benefit?

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