Curious about the NutriBullet? Here's why we love it!

NutriBullet Stretch & Glow Yoga

Um ok - so today we decided to invest in a blender. And as a kitchen appliance minimalist I was torn. I really was. But we ended up getting a NutriBullet Pro and #omg...


Why it's taken me this long to buy a decent blender I do not know - but I can already see we are going to be best friends forever.

Alright - so why the hype? Why the excitement? Surely it's just a blender right? Surely it can't be any better than my $90 stick blender with a cracked lid that has seen me through thick and thin and the weaning of two babies? 

And why so late?  I mean green smoothies are so 2014.

I know. I know. 

You see the reason I've been putting this off was...

1. I'm generally suspicious of appliances that are sold via infomercial! I'm the product of a child-hood watching the abdominiser ab-cruncher (seriously - are you too lazy to do an ab-cruch on your own???), a range of massaging waist-bands supposed to 'melt' your fat away, and there's something a bit telemarketing about a machine that promises to 'unlock the nutrition' by it's blending action. So I was sceptical that an appliance that runs such cheesy tv ads could actually be kinda cool.

2. I already own a stick blender with one of those lid things that doubles as a mini food processor. It's cracked. It's past it's day but it still works - so thinking about getting a new blender was giving me an attack of the guilts. I've been holding on in a bid to remain a kitchen appliance minimalist - but the truth of the matter is the ol' stick blender just isn't cutting the mustard anymore. Or the celery. Or the kale. Even canned chickpeas are a bit too much effort for this old piece of plastic these days.

3. I already invested in a very slick (and amazing) food processor which I use on all our yoga retreats to cook like an absolute goddess - a brushed stainless steel job that requires a small army of biceps to lift it up onto the bench - it does THE most amazing job at things like raw cheesecakes and all that biz, but #srsly it's a total pain in the arse to wash up. Who has time for that when there's a toddler tugging at one leg and school lunches to be made?

4. Aren't green smoothies over-rated? Did I really want to be THAT CLICHE yogi, mum, business chick that swans into class with a pretentious mason jar full of green goodness and a wrist wrapped in mala beads?


But, recently I realised that if was going to commit to not skipping breakfast (I've never been a fan of breakfast), and sometimes get in the habit of the beige breakfast (oats, toast, cheese, & eggs) then a blender would be a good choice.

So recently I bought Sally Obermeder's "super green smoothies"  book. I tried out my first recipe with our food processor with terrible consequences. [think kale chunky rather than smoothie]


Useful side note about making up your own smoothie recipes...

I'm usually pretty good with winging it by throwing a heap of ingredients into a pan and being able to make it taste good. WARNING. This approach does not work with smoothies (at least not when you're new to making them).

Ok - so I had a recipe book and a food processer that made crappy chunkies - so I had pretty much decided to upgrade on the blender and it was a choice of balance between crappy plastic and high-end overkill... 

why not a thermomix or vitamix?

A little while ago I tried a friend's thermomix and loved it - and it did make good smoothies, great soup and is powerful enough to grind flour in an instant - but with an amazing food processor in the house, I really didn't want to spend another one or two thousand dollars on a high end machine and the other thing I didn't like about the thermomix is that it is so big and heavy. I also didn't want to buy a cheap piece of plastic that would burn out or not blend properly, so after a quick appraisal of the smoothie blenders we decided on the NutriBullet Pro because...

1. It was under $200.

2. It has a 900 watt motor (apparently size does matter)

3. It felt sturdy yet compact

4. It came with two containers - a small cup size and a larger one for splitting up two smoothies - both can be used for travel.

5. Not many working parts to lose or break - also equals VERY easy to wash up (this is a BIG PLUS).


The first test...

  P.S. These shoes are not made from real leopards. No leopards were harmed in the making of this smoothie. P.P.S. I did not strategically place a chunky looking infinity scarf in the photo to cover up the stains on my shirt. It was already there, covering up the stains on my shirt.


P.S. These shoes are not made from real leopards. No leopards were harmed in the making of this smoothie.

P.P.S. I did not strategically place a chunky looking infinity scarf in the photo to cover up the stains on my shirt. It was already there, covering up the stains on my shirt.

So tonight Miss Six was having a sleepover and Master Two fell asleep in the car on the way home (I think he is still jet-lagged from our trip overseas).

Thankfully with new NutriBullet ready to go, I also just did a grocery shop yesterday and had a heap of fresh ingredients ready to go. 

I also had some bananas that I had frozen to stop them going to waste before we went on holidays.

So 5 minutes later I had dinner. Ready. No washing up. And it tasted good. In fact it tasted amazing!

Look out for more recipes in the coming weeks because I think I'm going to be a little bit lovestruck for a while.



from the book "Super Green Smoothies"

70g baby spinach

1/2 cup vanilla yoghurt

1 frozen banana

2 tbsn fresh lime juice

1/2 tspn natural vanilla extract

250ml skim or full fat milk

Place all the ingredients in a blender & blend until smooth.


NB. It's now been 5 days of smoothie NutriBullet heaven!

What I'm loving about having a nutritionally balanced smoothie for some meals is that it means getting a stack of greens, essential vitamins, fats & minerals that I wouldn't be getting by skipping a meal then reaching for a poor choice on the run. I usually teach yoga on Saturday mornings and it was great to be at the studio at 7am with a delicious breakfast smoothie in hand - knowing that I'd already had my first serve of spinach for the day and that it carried me through until lunchtime. 

I've since also picked up some naturally vanilla protein powder from AT HEALTH. If you're here on the South East Coast of Australia - they are a local company - owned by the wonderfully inspiring dynamic duo Alexis & Trent. This particular protein powder has no added nasties - is low in lactose & most importantly it tastes really good. I can't wait to try their organic greens powder as I prefer to eat a mostly plant based diet.