5 Seriously Cool Maternity T-Shirts




Let's face it - some mammas just ooze style & 'glowyness' when they are pregnant.

although I felt great during pregnancy - mostly I just schlepped around in the same old stretchy yoga tights & pretty plain looking long sleeve t-shirts. 

My wee little poppy is about to turn 6 (eeeeeekkk!), but at that time, I just remember thinking maternity wear was just pretty ugly. Everything made for a bump seemed either ridiculously oversized, nanna-esque with ugly patterns & extra scrunches around the middle or lame t-shirts like this "Buns in the oven" one (whoever created that needs to be barred from cafe press).

But there is hope. And whilst tees with slogans or images might just not be your thing - if you're feeling like a bit of fun - then check out Mamagama tees.

I'm not sure if it's the design or the mild girl crush on the model with the cute oh-so-casual-ballet-bun. (Don't you just love the way she's rockin' the casual preggy look - like I just rolled out of bed with all my make-up done and clearly I don't have kids yet because - notice my glasses - not a fingerprint in sight!)

Model observations aside, here are some cute tees - really for the end of the pregnancy - when you know - you feel like the size of a small country on legs and are just sick of wearing...

the. same. thing. every. ***damnday.

1. Ice Cream & Pickles Tee

Ok - well I was more of a Betty Crocker packet mix brownie kind of girl as far as the cravings went (gross I know), but I've heard pickles really do the trick for some women...so what the hell.

2. Beach Ball Tee

It's perfect. There is no hiding the fact that you have a beach ball belly - so why not embrace it with these cute looking beach ball tee's from Mamagama. It comes in pink, green, and a very practical stain disguising purple (obviously for the post-natal period where you still actually have a tummy resembling a beach ball but also need the added hue of purple to hide the vomit stains over your left shoulder.

3. Does My Tum Look Big In This

Err - yes it does. But please don't even mention the size of my bump - or I might have to slap you.

4. BaBY

I'm no chemistry major, but I think this one would appeal to our sisterhood of geeky girls. 

5. I'm So Pregnant

I'm wondering if this tee looks good with $10 track-pants and worn-looking ugg-boots? Probably not - so for the full effect please just make sure you're wearing some hipster shoes and jeans torn 'just right'.

6. Ugh

The perfect pregnancy shirt for when you've been puking your guts up for the past 8 months. It literally screams 'do not talk to me about being pregnant or you will face grave danger'. Best to save this one for when you are 10 days post your 'due date'. (Also doubles as a way to let the family know that hubby's vasectomy didn't work and that yes - you are now needing a new car because you're up the duff with #4).