5 Must Haves for Ultimate Organisation.

I'm always on the hunt for items that are going to make my life easier as a mum & a business owner to help me juggle personal appointments, events & goals.

And let me tell you... i need all the help i can get! So here are my current favourites to help me stay sane while juggling a hectic schedule.

Although some people would call me organised - just ask my neighbour Kristen! (She's one of those amazing mums who manages to always have home-baked treats, dinner ready AND knows every date of every school event, fundraiser, concert & test). Although I've run a business for the past 10 years (and some people would call me organised - my closest friends will tell you that these things don't come naturally to me - I'm gonna say it's genetic (sorry mom) - but I've always been prone to last minute organisation (translation - I work well under pressure) - but that doesn't always cut it with kids in the house, so it's great to have tools that on some level - make things a little easier to remember.

Here's a quick rundown of my [current] Top 5 Must Haves for Ultimate Organisation for mums & passionistas!

1. Passion Planner [diary]

My beautiful sister first introduced me to the passion planner  at the end of 2014. At the time she was going to order me one for xmas, so I ended up downloading a free undated PDF of their planner to give it a whirl. At the time I couldn't decide (Libran curse), so I opted for another planner - and then went back and ordered the the passion planner and haven't looked back. I also love their philosophy as a start up company too.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.37.10 am.png



2. Mighty Purse. [amazing purse]

Ok so this one is part fashion, part organisation, part sanity saver! I'm getting better at making sure my phone is charged up every night - but even then I find the battery often doesn't go the distance. When you've got your emails, reminders, and contacts all in one spot - nothing sucks more than when the battery goes flat. Enter the might purse. This amazing little number looks stylish - so it fits keys, cards, money, change in it - PLUS charges my phone like a demon. 

3. Evernote. [cool free app]

This has got to be my all time favourite app for organising files & keeping things handy that I might want to refer back to or print out later.  As a cloud based service - I use it to store all my yoga lesson plans, recipes, travel essentials and pretty much anything that I'd like to access on my phone or desktop when on the run or in the office (you can do both). The app is free (there is also a premium version - but seriously - why would you bother when the free version is so amazing). You can even set reminders and share files and links with friends for collaborative projects.

4. Evernote Bag. [office in your handbag]

For 2 years now I've been lugging around my personals and mobile office stuff in an amazing handbag I bought from Bali - but the problem is everything falls to the bottom and it's hard to access stuff on the fly. Enter the Evernote bag - which I have been coveting for a while. I'm planning on ditching the handbag for a smaller more shoulder friendly approach and putting all my mobile office essentials to the test with the Evernote satchel. Stay tuned for a full review - it is being shipped as I type and by all over reviews I've read I think I'll be in love with this Japanese crafted storage beauty.

5. Blackboard. [part organisation. part distraction]

I'm a bit of a sucker for pinterest, old school blackboards & a spot of typography on a sunday afternoon. I also love to make lists and CROSS THEM OFF. So when we recently renovated our upstairs living area - I HAD to include a blackboard (actually we included two of them and one at work as well!!!). It doubles as a space for arty doodles, fulfills the need to plan on the fly in the kitchen for times when there are a gazillion tasks that need to be organised and provides a visual reminder of what's still to be done. You can buy chalkboard paint at your local hardware store (it also comes in a whole heap of other colours), and there is also and endless list of inspiration for things to doodle on your board once its done.

So there you have it - I'd love to hear about the tools, apps or strategies that you use for better organisation.

Go on - send me an email now and let me know your recommendations!