the #1 thing you must know about cooking with kale

kale salad secrets

Hailed as the vegetable that helped Anne Hathaway squeeze into the Cat Woman suit & sprouted (excuse the pun) as one of the best vegetables you can put into your system by Gwyneth Paltrow - Kale has enjoyed a recent resurgence into the kitchens of hipsters, crunchy mummas, yogis & foodies alike.

I remember my first introduction to kale - it was actually at our local growers market (where else!) and a friend of mine was passing by as I examined the curly looking green stuff. She assured me that it makes a great alternative to English Spinach in vegetarian pasta sauce - so with A trusted endorsement into the basket it went.

I went home to make my new version of vegetarian pasta sauce & it worked a treat. But it was still a while before I discovered how A-MAZING kale is as a salad base.

So here it is - the #1 secret to making delicious salads with kale is that you have to massage it.

Yes - that's right - make the dressing, then roll up your sleeves and start to work the dressing through the leaves. You need to really squeeze it through and keep going until you notice the texture of the kale change. You'll start to see that the colour of the kale deepens as the massaging process breaks down the cell wall and tenderises it ready for delicous-ness on a plate!

amazing kale salad stretch and glow yoga

One of the best things I love about kale as a lettuce alternative (apart from that is it is packed with calcium, magnesium and vitamin C) is that unlike traditional salad greens which don't hold up to being stored with dressing - kale actually tastes BETTER the longer you leave it. So it can easily cope with being eaten 3 days after dressing - so that makes it a great option for pre-packed lunches and meal planning to save time and stick to healthy eating options.

At the moment I'm on a kale creation challenge - and look forward to sharing some more of them with you over the next few months. 

This salad is one from my amazing friend, raw food chef & exercise physiologist Corrine Travaglini from Edible Solutions.



Amazing QUICK Kale Salad:

Kale x 1 large bunch

Parsley x 1 bunch

Mint x 1 bunch

Roasted almonds x 1 handful

Goji berries x 1 handful

Pumpkin seeds x sprinkling to taste



1 tspt garlic powder

2 tbsn olive oil

1/2 cup white wine vinegar or to taste (I also like to add in a squeeze of lemon juice)

1 tsp coconut syrup / agave / maple

pinch salt


to prepare:

Chop all the salad greens - don't forget to de-stem the kale (unless you like to chew wood).

Finely chop all your fresh herbs.

Prepare dressing 

Massage kale for about 5 mins with the dressing until it changes texture

Add in fresh herbs then top with nuts, seeds & berries