boost your immune system with this warming tumeric tea

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I always seem to be a bit prone to cold & flu around the change of the seasons and this year seemed worse than usual. I had given up caffeine but was struggling with energy and needed a quick pick-me-up!

it felt like it was a constant battle of never ending bugs & head-colds compounded by lack of sleep due to a restless toddler with terrible sleeping patterns.

Normally under the circumstances I would reach for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

I am NOT a morning person and have trained the kids to ask my partner Russ for breakfast in the mornings (ha ha ha - it has worked a treat and gives me an extra 20mins in bed), but that aside, I would still usually start the day with a cup of tea or more recently coffee. Problem is - my guts do not enjoy coffee as much as my tastebuds and I would need to go to the bathroom real quick iykwim. That aside - caffeine inhibits our absorbtion of many minerals, so in my mind I was ready to give up coffee and move onto cleaner pastures.

The problem is - if you're used to drinking coffee - there's a ritual that you also feel like you're missing out on right?!

It's also hard for the taste-buds to go from lush creamy caffeiney goodness to boring herbal tea (at least until your tastebuds have adjusted).

Why I love this tea...

1. It has a zing - so you feel a bit more excited for this than boring chamomile tea.

2. Tumeric & Ginger have healing properties & are generally considered to be good for your immune system and help prevent inflammation.

3. When you prepare a tea like this it become a little ritual - so whilst you might not be making barista patterns in your frothy milk, you can still give instagram a good workout :-)

4. Notice how much cleaner, vibrant & alert you feel - without the awkward trip to the bathroom, or the terrible 'caffeine come down' two hours later.



Fresh knob ginger

Fresh knob of tumeric

Lemon or lime (use the juice or slice if you prefer a more subtle flavour)

Sweetener of your choice



1. I used a commercial herbal tea as a base because I already had in on hand - in this case Pukka 3 Ginger (if you have never tried their teas - you can pick them up at most organic grocers - they are amazingly YUM.

2. Grate ginger & tumeric. I like to use a lot of ginger - it gives a wonderful warming taste with a bit of a zing. Tumeric is quite strong and you don't need very much. If you don't have fresh tumeric - leave it out or add a freshly ground version.

3. Lime (or lemon).

4. If you prefer a sweetener try adding honey, agave or raw coconut sugar.

5. Simply boil the kettle  and add ingredients to taste - starting with the teabag if you're using one.

6. For a strong tasting tea - you can add the spices to water on the stove & bring to boil - make a big batch for the whole day!