Rise N Shine Yoga Practice

20 Minute Rise N Shine Yoga Practice

How often to you wake up from a rough night with your kids feeling like hell?

The first thing you do - is try and convince your significant other to be on breakfast duty, followed by dragging your sorry butt out of bed and head straight for the coffee.

Sound familiar?

Then probably you either skip breakfast (because you have to deal with bed-hair, washing, getting kids to school or a last minute home-work project) and by the time 11am rolls around if you've brushed your teeth and are out of your pyjamas it looks like a good day.

Well - there is ANOTHER way to start the day - but it takes a bit of willpower - and that is trying to get your butt out of bed just 20mins before you otherwise usually would and do this Rise N Shine practice.

It includes some hip & hammie stretches as well as a really nice gentle Sun Salutation to ease your body into the day. We finish with a gentle but energising pranayama (breathing practice).

Set yourself a goal to commit to this practice this week 7 mornings in a row and see how much better you feel.

Did you try it and love it?

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Love Deb! xxx