Yoga for Busy Mums

Welcome to our FREE video gallery of online yoga sequences for busy mums! 

We know how hard it is to take time for yourself with little ones  - so that's why we have decided to share these sanity saving sequences with you!

I know you're busy so all these sequences are quick (5-20mins) so you can easily fit them into your schedule.

Ease Neck & Shoulder Tension [5 mins]

Do your neck & shoulders ache from the demands of carrying, feeding & holding a new baby? Enter the neck tension release sequence. It feels SO GOOD and only takes 5 minutes.

Quick Energising Practice [5 mins]

Better than Berocca - this practice is a quick pep-me-up for those low energy mornings when you feel sluggish or pressed for time but still want to do something.

Rise & Shine Yoga Practice [20 mins]

This is a longer sequence (my gift for those of you wanting more than 5 mins). It's the perfect little pick-me-up for those mornings when you feel like hell! (Think coffee substitute).

Quick Hip & Hamstring Fix [5 mins]

If you are prone to tight or achey hips or S.I.Joint pain, then this quick hip & hamstring fix might be just what you need. Prenatal options are given where needed.