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Deb Young

yogini. doula. entrepreneur. mother. LOVER OF FOOD & LIFE.

Deb is the co-founder of Younga Yoga Studio, creator of the hugely popular FREE prenatal yoga program online "7 Days to a Better Birth", doula, mother, foodie & successful businesswoman.

In 2006, Deb co-founded the first full time yoga studio in Wollongong on the South East Coast of Australia, "Younga Yoga Studio" with her husband & Exercise Physiologist, Russ Young. Together they helped nurture the beginnings of what is now a wonderfully vibrant community of yoga lovers. Together they run retreats locally in Australia and abroad.

She is a contributor for Australian parenting & pregnancy site KidSpot, business resident at iAccelerate & holds a Honours Degree in Health Education.

With more than 20 years experience as a health educator, 10 years experience as a hands on business owner, Mother, Doula & Foodie, Deb is inspired everyday to commit to helping busy mums find a greater sense of life balance, passion, health & wellbeing.